Was it worth it?
My answer came about stumbling,
words only heard by my own heart.
quote from "Halott nép" by Lőrinc Szabó
© M|Miller

In exile, József Molnár and his companions founded a literary magazine, which in its exclusive, expressive and beautiful language connected Hungarians and their men of letters. Produced with the simplest of means, organised and prepared in secret, in 1950 the first edition of Látóhatár was released. Later, under the name of Új Látóhatár and with József Molnár as the responsible editor, the texts were sent all over the world in remarkably beautiful issues.

To accomplish this, József Molnár founded a book-printing office in Munich. With borrowed printing machines, he started production, which was to end only 40 years later. He was the spiritus rector of the company, and distinguished Hungarian littérateurs were most closely connected to him and the magazine. In 1963, József Molnár founded the Aurora publishing house and printed books that were read by Hungarian intellectuals with great interest.

The production of the Új Látóhatár magazine often made József Molnár face the limits of his financial powers. But he kept working tirelessly, until time itself wrote its history. The last issue of this important source of Hungarian literary history was published at the end of 1989.