Life itself gave József Molnár
the greatest award.
It awarded him many years with an alert spirit.
It awarded him struggle and defeat.
It awarded him respect and appreciation.
It awarded him »a life«
© M|Miller

József Molnár wrote studies, critiques and essays and gave lectures throughout Europe.
Having put his extensive cultural knowledge into the service of Hungarian literature abroad,
is one of his greatest merits.

József Molnár was honoured with the following awards:

1991 | Pro Cultura Hungarica
1991 | Bethlen Gábor Prize
1994 | Nagy Imre Memorial Award
1997 | Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic

Books by József Molnár:
1996 | Studies of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956
2000 | Misztótfalusi Kis Miklós (a biography)
2002 | Life and death of András L. Áchim (a biography)
2002 | In the service of letters – 40 years Új Látóhatár
2006 | Radio Free Europe in the days of the revolution (a chapter from his autobiography)
2009 | Életem (engl. “My Life” Autobiography of József Molnár)